Terms & conditions

Whilst your vehicle is parked within our parking facility, your vehicle will be insured under Top Gear Parking in the event of any damage caused by our staff in the manipulation of your vehicle, with the exception of Acts of God.

Whilst your vehicle is being transferred to or from the airport, it is covered under your own personal insurance and the client is liable for any claims, if deemed to be the fault of the other party. If it is deemed to be the fault of our staff, Top Gear Parking will take responsibility and will make the necessary arrangements for reparation. Top Gear Parking will not be responsible for any future raise in price of the client’s insurance policy in the event of any claim.

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03320 Torrellano Alicante

Obligations of the User

  • The client must ensure that the vehicle is dropped off at the designated time agreed by both the client and Top Gear Parking. If the client fails to drop off their vehicle at the at the designated time, this may result in the client having to pay additional costs.
  • Top Gear Parking is entitled to refuse to take receipt of the vehicle if it is damaged or deemed to be not roadworthy by our staff.
  • Top Gear Parking is obliged to produce the vehicle only after being ordered to do so by the client. Top Gear Parking Parking may only release the vehicle to the person designated for this purpose in the owner’s orders informing by writing of the persons name and passport / ID number.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to remove items and accessories that are not fixed, such as radio panels, mobile phones, vehicle documents, electrical devices, bags etc.
  • The client is liable for any extra days over and above their original booking and must pay upon collection of their vehicle. (See Parking Holders Rights)
  • The client must provide Top Gear Parking with the vehicle key.
  • The client must provide Top Gear Parking with original documentation or with photocopies of all relevant paperwork for the vehicle, including Car Registration Documents, Insurance Policy and a valid ITV certificate. Without this paperwork, Top Gear Parking will not be held responsible for any fines or additional costs.
  • The client will be solely responsible to both Top Gear Parking and to any other clients for any legal costs and damages caused by their incompetence while driving their vehicle within the premises of Top Gear Parking.
  • If the client is not the owner of the vehicle, any legal costs and damages that may occur will remain the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle.
  • The client must carry with them a spare key or key code in the event of original being lost. No responsibility will be taken if the client has no spare key.
  • Top Gear Parking will not be responsible for mechanism failure on electric windows, battery damages, mechanical engine failures or others.
  • Top Gear Parking will not be responsible for any punctures or damage to tyres. Any cost of reparation to tyres will be incurred by the owner.

Top Gear Parking takes no responsibility for any damages or theft of accessories and items that are not fixed to the vehicle. This includes:

  • Theft of car radio/ CD cover / front panel
  • Theft of mobile phones, GPS devices or Portable DVD/Blu Ray Devices
  • Theft of Vehicle Documents. We advise that as the owner of the vehicle should remove all original documents when they leave their vehicle in our Parking Facility, and instead, leave us photocopies of all relevant documents. (Unless you have requested an ITV inspection in which we require originals)
  • Theft of personal belongings such as items of clothes, bags or any other objects that clients have left in the vehicle.
  • Parking Holders Rights
  • The owner of Top Gear Parking has the right of retention of the vehicle as a guarantee for any outstanding payments due to Top Gear Parking. If the client fails to pay the amounts liable, Top Gear Parking is entitled, after receiving permission from the judge, to sell the vehicle stored, at the client’s expense, and to use the proceeds to settle all amounts owed relating to the vehicle, this being in accordance with el Código Civil or la Ley de Enjuiciamiento Civil (LEC-2000).

Cancellation and Refund

  • For all car park bookings, Top Gear Parking must be informed of a cancellation by email or by telephone. Cancellations received with a minimum of 48 hours of arrival at Top Gear Parking will receive a refund less a 5€ cancellation charge in the event of prepayment.
  • Top Gear Parking reserves the right to cancel or restrict bookings. All services are subject to availability.
  • Clients have the right to cancel annual contracts within 15 days from the date commenced and will receive a full refund less the number of days parked with Top Gear Parking and a 5€ cancellation charge.
  • From the moment the contract is used and thus activated NO refund or partial refund will be returned.
  • Clients have the right to cancel the contract before the end date of the contract until 14 days after the end date. In case we are not notified of a cancellation in written while the car is parked with us Top Gear Parking has the right to charge a full new parking year and it won’t be possible to pay the extra days separately as a short term parking period anymore.

Car Covers

  • The client can bring a car cover and the Top Gear Parking Team will put this cover on the car after every drop off. This is an extra free service and can be refused at any time for any reason. Top Gear Parking is not responsible for damage to client’s covers or the loss of any covers due to weather circumstances or/and the poor quality of the cover itself. The Top Gear Parking staff has the right to refuse putting on car covers which are not appropriately made for the car model and therefor easily blown of and may cause damage to other vehicles on the compound.


  • All parking fees have to be paid at the start of each contract.
  • ITV services have to be paid when leaving the vehicle with Top Gear Parking.
  • Other services can be paid on an agreed date with Top Gear Parking.
  • Top Gear Parking has the right to demand a deposit for any mechanical / electrical / body shop work on the vehicle, once the quote has been accepted.
  • The client is asked by Top Gear Parking to always book at least 24 hours before in advance whenever possible. Top Gear Parking has the right to charge a 10,00€ service fee in case of late bookings within the 24 hours before the car drop off/pick up or in case the booking was not made at all


  • Car claims cannot be considered unless reported prior to departure from the car park or prior to collection.
  • Top Gear Parking are not liable to provide car hire in the event of theft or damage to client’s cars.

Acts of God

  • Acts of God are taken to include, any circumstance beyond the control of Top Gear Parking whose nature is such that compliance with the agreement cannot be reasonably asked of Top Gear Parking (non culpable defects in compliance). Acts of God are also taken to include: war, riots and hostilities of whatever nature, blockades, boycotts, natural disasters, epidemics, shortage of basic materials, impediments and disruption of transport, breakdowns in our company, import and export restrictions or prohibitions, hindrance resulting from measures, legislation or decrees issued by international, national and regional (government) authorities. If Top Gear Parking is unable to fulfil its duty to release, or cannot do this adequately or in good time due to Acts of God, Top Gear Parking is entitled to consider the agreement or the part thereof that has not been fulfilled, as being annulled, or to suspend it for a specified or indefinite period, with Top Gear Parking being able to choose which. The Client is not entitled to compensation from Top Gear Parking in cases of Acts of God.